The unnamed lovers in We Used To Be So “Cool" live comically idle lives in their seemingly time-rid, New York apartment. They fumble to assemble a salsa. They entertain bouts of paranoia and bad artistic ideas. And they actively let their once "cool" relationship deflate to a moment of truth in this brooding and freewheeling fable.  


Runtime: 12 min

Format: Digital, Color + BW, 16:9

Language: English

Completed: 2016




director's statement

We made this film with a short treatment and a strong sentiment to guide us. Over the course of a couple of years, we added to it, stripped it down, changed titles, and went in entirely new directions until we found the movie that is presented here. From an outside perspective, it may have seemed that the making of this film was wrought with the same fickle disposition that the characters themselves carry for each other, going this way and that, being committed to something and then abandoning it. But in truth, our journey was lead by an extreme determination to find the truest message that the movie could share with us. I want to thank the short list of our brilliant collaborators and those who offered their opinions on the preceding versions during the long process of finding this movie's identity and core question. We hope that you as the viewer will allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask yourself the questions that the movie strives to pose.